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Welcome to our web site!

Who better to make a brilliant and safe Gel Fuel for your fireplace then Granny herself. Every single case of Granny's Gel will have a dessert receipe to go with your cozy evenings at home to complete your relaxation! Leave those desserts on the fireplace mantel for Santa too!

Everyone can trust Granny. She makes a fabulous Fire in a Can! For all your Portable Gel Fireplaces and Outdoor Patio Decor needs.
Call The Gel Fuel Company today for a dealer of Granny's Gel and get your Free dessert receipe with your order, no matter where you buy from. 1.800.776.6966
Granny's Gel burns a little less hot then other Brands out there, BUT a more brilliant dancing flame. Her flames are Gorgeous! Granny's Gel burns 2-3 hours per can. Tear off her label, shake the can, and store in a cool, dark place and she will last for a year!

We hope you'll find all the information you need on this site about the products  we offer. We look forward to working with you.

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This Granny Doesn't Can Jelly or Fruit...This Granny cans FIRE!

The Gel Fuel Company